6 Interesting Uncommonly Known Facts About Plastic Surgery

Thus cosmetic surgery is usually perceived as an aesthetic procedure alone. this can be untrue and just like this, there are other misconceptions too regarding cosmetic surgery. The aim of this text is to dispel the varied myths and expose some facts regarding cosmetic surgery.

Fact No.1:
Plastic surgery isn’t a purely aesthetic procedure.

While we all fathom the more popular cosmetic surgeries (rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, etc.) what we don’t often hear about is a surgical operation. These reconstructive surgeries are those which are in dire straits babies born with a cleft upper lip; soldiers injured during warfare enjoy reconstructive surgeries. Another example is the surgical operation being performed on burns victims. These are but some samples of cosmetic surgery aiding the betterment of the standard of life.

Fact No.2:
Plastic surgery doesn’t involve the employment of plastic.

Plastic surgery gets its name from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ meaning malleable or mouldable and not because it involves the employment of plastic. Grafts too are employed in some cases in situ of implants. These grafts are taken from the patient’s body (ear cartilage being one example) and hence aren’t rejected by the body.

Fact No.3:
Silicone breast implants don’t increase the danger of carcinoma.

There is a standard misconception that silicone breast implants result in carcinoma. There are studies conducted that have proven that the chance of carcinoma doesn’t increase with silicone implants. This being said, if there’s any pain or discomfort after getting breast implants it’s best to consult your doctor immediately.

Fact No.4:
Plastic surgery won’t stop the aging process.

After getting a procedure done, people will still age. cosmetic surgery won’t stop or curtail aging. Aging will rely upon various factors like lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.

Fact No.5:
Plastic surgery isn’t completely scar-free.

Like all surgeries, cosmetic surgery to leaves behind scars. As an example, when a facelift is finished, the scar is hidden around the ear area where it’s less noticeable. Scars are hidden among wrinkles so it gives a natural appearance.

Fact No.6:
Plastic surgery has neither gender nor age barriers.

Though there’s a typical perception that only women undergo cosmetic surgery, this can be untrue. Nowadays more and more men are becoming procedures like liposuction, gynecomastia, etc. done also. cosmetic surgery isn’t age-dependent. Though doctors advise against children undergoing cosmetic procedures as they’re still growing, reconstructive procedures are distributed across all age groups. it’s been noted that the bulk of individuals undergoing cosmetic surgery fall within the 35-50 years age category. With modern medicine growing in leaps and bounds, cosmetic surgery has come a protracted way from what it had been within the 80s and 90s. However, it’s best to own a close discussion together with your doctor and acquire to grasp all the advantages and risks before undergoing a procedure.