Low Cost Home Remedies for Nail (Toenail) Fungus

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Its been three years since we introduced our "get rid of nail fungus" product. Over that time we've sold a lot, (had no returns) and received numerous thank you letters and repeat orders from folks confronting nail fungus. We've also seen what seems like a million new nail fungus websites enter the scene. (The fact that you are even reading this probably means you're a very dedicated researcher)

We hate seeing people resort to taking expensive, dangerous, highly toxic chemicals internally. So we've decided to share freely what we've learned about getting rid of nail fungus by other means. We won't discuss Lamisil. There are thousands of websites that talk about Lamisil including a few pages of our own here and here. Suffice to say, that's something I'll never ever put in my body.

Lets talk about lesser known remedies (*note.. We can't say "cure"... the word "cure" is verboten by the FDA, only major pharma or MP for short can speak the "c" word). Lets talk about the things people with something to sell don't want you to read about. These are the low cost (practically free) home remedies that (purportedly) have been used successfully to get rid of nail fungus. We'll get to that but first, how about a paragraph about what Nail Fungus is?

Its a parasitic organisim with a long, kind of meaningless scientific name that lives under your toenails or fingernails. These worthless good-for-nothing creatures God obviously invented to aggravate us, spend their worthless good-for-nothing lives feasting on your keratin. Would the Dalai Lama evict the dermatophytes? I think yes! Even the most ardent living creature lover would agree they've got no right to eat away at your keratin and that they've to go!… The good news is you can (most likely) get rid of nail fungus without risking liver damage, having your vision turn green and your hair change. The secret is knowing that nail fungus lives ON THE OUTSIDE of our bodies… the epidermis.

I wonder why anyone would take something internally to get at something external… especially knowing that the majority of the toxic chemical does not even make it to where the nail fungus is! (Most gets removed by the liver and eliminated in your urine… I say "your" because I'll never take that stuff). That seems very dumb doesn't it? With that out of the way… lets move onto the home remedies.

First... know that this information has been gathered from various sources. Newspapers Internet etc. and is provided freely with no warranty expressed or implied. Black Pearl Botanicals llc makes no claim as to its accuracy nor do we accept any liability for any use or misuse for the information. As always... Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Remember, you should always consult a doctor (Dermatologists are only about $200 an hour... ) and you should also discontinue any remedy that is causing you a problem such as skin irritation.


Probably everyone has heard of vinegar being used as a non-toxic household cleaner. But most people have probably never heard of it being used to get rid of nail fungus. Vinegar is an acid. Nail fungus does not like an acidic environment. What you are supposed to do is spread the vinegar all around the infected toenail. Be sure to get it under the nail where the toenail fungus lives. You can't skip a week or even a day! You must keep vinegar on for as long as it takes to get rid of the fungus. Basically that means until every bit of the infected toenail has grown out. If you skip a day the fungus will move right back into the newly grown toenail and you will have to start the process over again. Their nose may cringe and people may ask: "what smells like vinegar?". Just ignore them… they don't need to know you've got nail fungus.

Vicks VapoRub

This remedy has only recently become in vogue. Apparently some people really like this one, probably because it sounds kind of cool... (pun intended :) What you do is put the VapoRub on your toenails every day, again making sure it gets under the nail where the fungus lives. The drawback with this c*** is your nails may turn dark and people's nose may cringe and they may ask: where's that mentholated smell coming from? Just ignore them… they don't need to know you've got nail fungus.

Oregano Essential Oil (Origanum compactum)

Oregano is (believed to be) a fungicide and therefore is used in many nail fungus formulas. We don't like or recommend putting oregano essential oil on your skin because it is a dermal irritant. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned since people have (apparently) used it successfuly to get rid of nail fungus.

Sylla Sheppard-Hanger author of The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual Copyright 1994 ninth printing January 1999 says that one of the worst offenders of dermal irritation is oregano essential oil. The skin gets inflamed, swollen and can be painful.

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Almost all natural nail fungus products contain essential oil of tea tree. It is widely believed to have antifungal properties and is used for athlete's foot, ringworm and nail fungus. In the past there have been many aromatherapy authors and teachers that have said that tea tree essential oil can be applied to the skin without diluting it in a carrier oil prior to application to the skin. This has not been proven to be a safe practice. Tea tree essential oil can cause skin irritation especially to those with sensitive skin or skin allergies. What we're striving for is, as the saying goes, "a c*** that's not worse than the disease". We don't recommend the use of tea tree essential oil in greater volumes than 6 drops essentil oil per ounce of carrier oil.

Martin Watt author of Plant Aromatics Revised Edition, Copyright 2001 provides the following cautions and instructions regarding Tea Tree essential oil: 1) Do not use undiluted tea tree essential oil regularly on damaged skin such as eczema or dermatitis (author's note* presumably this would also include skin infected by fungus). 2) Do not keep tea tree oil indefinitely as it does deteriorate. The reports of sensitisation reactions from Australia, appear to be due to old oils kept by people in their bathroom cabinet. 3) Be particularly careful when prescribing tea tree oil for use by atopic people (those who suffer from allergies, or have a genetic family history of allergies). 4) It must be born in mind that test results have only been published by Internationally recognised organisations at levels of use up to 1%.

Misc. Honorable Mention Remedies

An anti-candida diet… Supposedly people that have candida tend to get nail fungus. So if you can get rid of candida, you'll get rid of your nail fungus. Urine… lets not go there lest you want your co-workers leaving "depends" on your desk. Swimming pool anti-fungicides. There may be something to those. I had a coworker (hi Philip) who had an irritating skin problem that went away after he went swimming in a pool with lots of chemicals in it! There are numerous other "also ran" botanical ingredients that may get rid of nail fungus. We have our own botanical synergy that we (obviously) recommend. Nail Oil has been designed to have maximum fungal elimination efficacy and minimal skin irritation. However, with every bottle of Nail Oil we have sold, we have also included instructions for the following natural home remedy that we recommend.

A Bleach Solution (Pun intended :)

We first heard about this nail fungus remedy in a local newspaper (the Eldorado Sun). A woman wrote in sounding ecstatic that she was finally rid of nail fungus (after having tried everything including the dangerous drugs). She wanted to tell everyone she could about this bleach treatment her doctor had read about in a medical journal that (finally) worked.

What you do is soak your feet once or twice a day in a capful of bleach mixed with water for several weeks. The chlorinated water will make its way to where the fungus lives and KILL IT! It may turn you toenails white and there is the possiblity of skin irratation but this is a small price to pay for getting rid of nail fungus once and for all. Again, you need to be diligent about doing the foot soaks or the fungus will move right back in. We recommend you follow up your foots soak with a dose of our botanical synergy we call Nail Oil for maximum likelyhood of success.

When I decided to write this article, I did some research on the bleach method. Its still not widely talked about but I did find a page at: http://www.speedreading4kids.com/ that has (or had since web pages come and go) feedback from people who had used the bleach method. Here is some of what they said:

Bleach Testimonials

"…I used Bleach Water for several months, my doctor told me to so I soaked my feet 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. The KEY is to THOROUGHLY WASH THEM WITH SOAP AND WATER AFTER SOAKING. Otherwise your skin will get red and itchy. I just read somewhere that the old Clorox bleach bottles used to have on their label "Use 1 Tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water to soak feet as an effective treatment for athletes foot" but the FDA made them remove it - probably because it really worked and a lot of pharmaceutical money was being lost.

I would try a Tablespoon per gallon as suggested. When I used the bleach, the doctor also had me on Nizoral - after several months on Nizoral, I developed a very large cyst on my ovary that went away as soon as I stopped taking it. Although my fungus cleared up, I always suspected that it was my twice-a-day bleaching that did the trick, not the medicine (I just can't prove it.)…" Tracy P.
Sir, I was able to rid myself of toenail fungus by filing the yellowed nail down to paper thin thickness - to the point where I was not quite drawing blood and applying bleach. This was my method: I showered taking care to clean the nail (after the filing) including some light brushing - or as much as I could stand. After I stepped out of the shower, and while the nail was still moist, I applied undiluted bleach using a Q-Tip to swab the nail surface. I put on my socks without rinsing off the bleach and went about the day. I did this for about three or four consecutive days. It was not painful at all. I had the toenail fungus for about 35 years but now I'm rid of it. I have a healthy looking nail now. Fred S.

Geo: After 36 days of using pure Clorox the fungus on my finger is dried up. I still keep putting it on once a day just to make sure the fungus don't return. It will take sometime for the finger nail to grow out. I hope that goes O.K. You must use extreme caution when using pure Clorox. Don't inhale it will burn your lungs, don't get it on fabric. Rinse it off your skin and mails after about 3-4 min. that's all it takes. --Donald

my dermatoligist told me the correct mix for clorox is one part clorox and 3 parts water. =====Charles C., Kentucky

…I'd like to share something concerning toenail fungus. I visited my doctor yesterday and one thing I asked her about was toenail fungus. She told me I'd be unable to take oral prescription for the fungus due to it being metobolized, or broken down in the liver. I also take seizure med and birth control, which are also broken down in the liver, so I'm limited to what meds I can take for certain ailments. However she said she just read an article in a medical home journal indicating that a solution of 1 capful of bleach mixed with 2-3 cups of water - soak 15 min 2x per day would clear it up. She said it may take a few months - 6 months at the most to clear up. I can't remember the approximate time she told me. She said that after a while the toenail would probably turn white but not to worry because it would eventually clear up... --Lisa

August 2, 2005

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