How Long Do Cosmetic Surgery Results Really Last?


No two surgeries are identical, but having a basic understanding of what’s visiting happen before, during, and after a procedure can help confirm that your expectations are properly managed.

For Face
Non-surgical injectables and laser treatments are all the fad for his or her lack of invasiveness and downtime, but sometimes foundering the knife is required for a more dramatic and long-term fix.

For Hair
Hair loss is also a priority for men and ladies alike. While treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are gaining popularity for his or her ability to spice up hair regrowth over time, hair transplants remain among the foremost effective, albeit invasive, ways to correct hair loss.

For Body
Like the face, surgical and invasive procedures for the body typically last longer than non-invasive treatments that are meant to accommodate similar concerns.

The Takeaway
As you’ll be able to probably tell, how long the results of cosmetic surgery last depends on an array of things. In some cases, procedures may be one and done, assuming a healthy lifestyle is maintained. In other cases, the aging process may create the necessity for follow-up treatments down the road. Consulting with a board-certified operating surgeon will help to level-set your expectations before surgery and make sure the best results for your concern.