The Cost and Statistics of Plastic Surgery

A government report showed that some 50,000 foreign nationals visited Asian nations last year to receive plastic surgeries and spent some $189 million. the number spent by people who received plastic surgeries in Korea last year was almost fourfold on top of the figure for the identical medical procedures in 2012. Compared to 2016, 968 more foreign nationals visited Korea last year for plastic surgeries, while the overall number of foreign patients who visited the country for medical treatments dropped by 6.5 percent from 2016-2017.

The medical fees for plastic surgeries also accounted for 33.6 percent of the overall medical spending by foreign patients last year. those that visited cosmetic and dermatology clinics accounted for 23.2 percent of all foreigners who visited Korea for medical reasons in 2017.

Among all plastic surgeries, orthognathic surgery, a corrective jaw surgery, was the foremost expensive, costing 17 million won.

Foreign patients also received double eyelid surgery and hair transplant procedures, with each surgery costing about 4.8 million won. People who came to Korea to receive cosmetic treatments or procedures on average spent 4.4 million won per person, the most important amount among all foreign patients.

Those who received noncosmetic, general surgical procedures on average spent 2.9 million won per person, while people who visited pediatric clinics spent 2.7 million won. A complete of 397,882 foreigners received medical treatments in Korea last year, and together they spent 639.9 billion won in medical fees.